Stray Animals

Keeping Strays Away From Your House

Neighborhood dogs and cats may become a nuisance when they find a source of extra food. Keep pet food and garbage secured and do not put meat scraps into a compost pile. Food scraps and garbage also may attract wildlife, especially raccoons, a major source of the rabies outbreak in our area.

Stray animals can be more than a nuisance. Not only can they roam and damage property, but they can cause safety hazards by wandering into traffic.

Please help our community by helping the Animal Services Center to control stray animals. Keep your pets confined or in the house and always keep a collar and rabies tag on your pet.

Reporting Strays

Report problem strays to Craven County Animal Protective Services (APS) immediately. Take note of whether the animals are coming from a nearby house or are unowned. Be certain to get a good description of the animal and where it is.

Please remember, APS Officers can not patrol every neighborhood every day; so call us when the animal is in the area or confined. To report problem strays, please call Craven County APS at 252-639-4256.