What Can I Expect

Within 7 days of the decision to substantiate or find in need of services, the assessment worker and an In-Home Services social worker will contact you to discuss the case decision and introduce the new worker.

This social worker will have face-to face contact with you and your family at least twice a month, as well as contact with others involved, i.e., therapists, doctors, other family members, on a bi-weekly basis to assure progress toward the treatment goals is continuing. The focus of an In-Home Services worker's efforts is to always ensure protection of the involved children and the preservation of the family.

The In-Home Services social worker will discuss developing a Family Services Agreement with your family and any support people you want to involve through the Child and Family team process. This agreement will be jointly developed between your family and the family In-Home Services worker. This agreement will specifically address the behaviors identified as posing risk to your children and how you and the In-Home Services social worker agree to address them. A time for review will be reflected in the process. It will also spell out specifics which may occur should you fail to comply, protect and provide for your children. You will be provided with a copy of this agreement. Any changes or updates can occur at anytime deemed appropriate, but every three months at a minimum. Remember, if you have previously signed a safety plan with the Children's Protective Services Assessment social worker, it remains in effect until further notice.