Why am I receiving this Property Tax Bill?

The registration for the vehicle listed on this notice previously expired. The vehicle registration was recently renewed or a new registration was issued. During the lapse in registration, the vehicle was considered unregistered. Craven County is required by NCGS 105-330.3(2) to collect property taxes for vehicles with an unregistered status. This change in the law took effect on July 1, 2017. This bill is just now being sent because limitations in the county's then existing software did not allow for this billing at that time. No penalty or interest is due if the bill is paid before it becomes delinquent.

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1. What is a Gap Property Tax Notice?
2. Why am I receiving this Property Tax Bill?
3. Calculation of taxes.
4. How does this differ from the property taxes I paid when I renewed?
5. How many months can a Gap Property Tax Notice cover?