Why did my water change?

If you live in the James City towards the Harlowe areas you may have noticed a slight difference in your water. We began using our new Water Treatment Facility in October 2017. 

We formerly pulled all of the water from the Black Creek Aquifer. This is a great aquifer that does not need a complex treatment process, but simply needs to have chlorine added. We were notified by the State of North Carolina well over a decade ago that we would need to begin to reduce the amount that we pulled from that aquifer. The Craven County Board of Commissioners, the former Craven County Manager, and the Craven County Water Superintendent started making plans to build the Water Treatment Facility. We did additionally start pulling from the PeeDee Aquifer to reduce the demand on the Black Creek while we were constructing our facility. We now pull water from the Castle Hayne Aquifer which is lower quality water before treatment. After treatment, the quality of water very similar. It is the same aquifer that the City of New Bern uses as well, but our plant treats the water using a membrane system. 

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